“All in the Family Dental Care” Rebrands to “Campi Dental”

“All in the Family Dental Care” Rebrands to “Campi Dental” and Continues Decades of Quality of Care That Diminishes Dental Fear and Anxiety

Have you ever felt fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist? Now add COVID-19 as an additional layer, and it could be a recipe for total avoidance of care. While this might be the truth for most dental patients, the voice of a patient receiving care at All in the Family Dental Care beats to a different drum. Five-star accolades speak to the kindness, safety, thoroughness, quality of care, comfort, and commitment to technology that have inspired families to visit repeatedly for decades. The 87-year-old practice, one of NJ’s oldest family-owned dental operations based in Wall, is currently led by third-generation partners John G. Campi III, DMD (Dr. Jack Campi), and Joseph G. Campi, DMD (Dr. Joe Campi). Together, both doctors demonstrate compassion for their patients and selflessness in their actions by providing comprehensive dental care that offers general/cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, and periodontics in one location. It’s not just an excellent dental practice, but a “life-long relationship” that starts with a personal tour, provides consultations to instill comfort, and personalized, comprehensive care that has generations of families referring loved ones to their practice. Today, the practice showcases their leadership, strength, and plan for their fourth-generation expansion, by renaming and rebranding the practice to Campi Dental. This includes announcing new technology, and reinforcing its commitment to the community through their Campi Cares philanthropic initiatives.

“Our legacy of doing right by our patients and our community, especially through Campi Cares, has history. It demonstrates strength and stability in the present, as well as hope and vision for the future. Rebranding to Campi Dental is affirming the foundation for present and future Campi leadership” – Dr. Jack Campi

The new logomark incorporates the iconic C representing the Campi Dental umbrella, which stands for the positive energy and wave of change that the practice is forecasting in their future growth. The tagline, “All in the Family Since 1933” has been instituted to showcase the company’s longevity. Red and navy blue were selected as the new brand colors, not only to reinforce their commitment to the community but also for what they represent. Vice President of Community Affairs, Karen Campi, stated, “Color says so much about a brand, and for us, it represents the community that has supported our growth over the years, and the quality of care that we provide on behalf of our patients. Red conveys confidence, determination, passion, and care, while navy blue stands for a feeling of trust, loyalty, and integrity. This matches our goals and core values of today and tomorrow.”

Advanced dentistry and technology have always been a top priority, as the practice pioneered the field of dental lasers in 1985. When Dr. Jack Campi partnered with his uncle, Dr. Thomas Campi in 1991, they made advancements by incorporating dental technologies such as digital radiographs, air abrasion, and new laser wavelengths. In 2003, brothers Dr. Jack and Dr. Joe Campi joined forces and continued pioneering technological developments, including high-powered magnification, digital imaging, same-day crowns, and intraoral cameras to deliver precision dentistry.

Innovation has not stopped during COVID-19. Campi Dental was one of the first dental practices to confidently re-open at full capacity during the pandemic, while maintaining and exceeding stringent state and CDC guidelines. While health and safety precautions have always been a priority, the practice has taken it to a whole new level going above and beyond the required PPE protocols. Campi Dental has invested in Surgically Clean Air, a multi-stage air purifying technology that cleans, purifies, and re-energizes indoor air. The 6-stage filtration system captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), gases, mold, allergens, viruses, odors (like formaldehyde and smoke), bio-aerosols, and many other pollutants that are not ideal but common components of air in workplaces. Campi Dental’s patients are breathing sanitized air that is pure, clean, and energized to combat fatigue. This level of elevated detail to air quality and purification parallels every aspect of quality standards at Campi Dental.

“We consistently reinvest in our practice: technology, renovations, continuing education, and team training. Our rebrand is in line with our commitment to reinvest in the practice and striving to improve every day. Our core values will remain the same as we always treat our patients like family, providing them with the best and safest dental care available, forming long-standing relationships with them, and earning their trust.” – Dr. Joe Campi

Along with the rebrand, Campi Dental kickstarts its annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back Program under Campi Cares, which provides money for children, and treats for our troops! On November 7 from 1-4pm, Campi Dental will collect candy outside in front of their building and will pay $1 per pound, up to 5 pounds of candy, and pay it forward to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, supporting all veterans.

Vice President of Operations and Wall native, Cheryl Campi, stated, “Wall has always been home. Giving back is a huge component of who Campi Dental is, and our rebrand elevates our Campi Cares initiatives even more. Yes, we could contribute to individuals and causes in other places or countries, but we see that there are real needs right in front of us. The fact that we get to touch and feel the impact of our efforts leaves a lasting impression. Campi equals community. Our doors are always open for our current and future patients to come visit, and experience a culture that puts people first.”