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A healthy airway is more than great smiles

I do my best to help my patients “be the best they can be”

Treatment at the Orthodontic Wellness Center is a true investment in overall health.

This is how we can help you to be the best you can be:

Great Orthodontic Care: With Damon Braces, Invisalign and Sure Smile Clear Aligner Treatment

Holistic Guidance: Coaching Advice ” How to prevent crooked teeth”

Sleep and Airway Screening: With High Resolution Pulse Oximeter HRPO

OMT (Oral Myofacial Therapy): With Proper Oral / Facial Resting Posture

GoPex Therapy Book and Training: 100% holistic and helps with posture, function & growth

ALF: With help of Cranial Osteopath

Crozats Appliance: The Crozat is smaller than traditional expanders, it can give a nice result with minimal discomfort.

Expansion: With Removable or Fixed Expanders, also ALF and Crozat Will Expand

Orthotropic Growth Guidance: Kids will to develop proper facial and dental growth, which comes with additional health benefits

Orthodontics With Jaw Surgery: To Cure OSA

Open Up Extraction Spaces: To Help Patients With Retruded Smiles, Airway Issues and OSA and May Help With Migraines.

Evaluate Frenums: For Proper Size To Have Good And Healthy Tongue Movement

Basic Nutrition Guidance: To Help Patients Achieve Their Best Health And Growth Potential

Damon Braces: We use the best possible brace system that looks great, most comfortable and helps to reduce length of treatment.

Invisalign: We started using Invisalign clear aligners in 1990 and became a Premier Provider in 2016. Invisalign trays are a great way for some patients to achieve a terrific smile!

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