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We like to see children at an early age so we can screen for proper facial growth & assess oral posture. Our goal is overall wellness and, with kids, that means developing a relationship of trust with them as early as possible. We like to see kids as young as age 4. One of the things that sets us apart is our commitment to helping children avoid invasive and /or traumatic treatments & procedures.

15% of children have sleep disordered breathing (SBD) including Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

But 90% go undiagnosed.

Orthodontics Can Help Children Sleep Better at Night, Perform Better During The Day & Feel Better Mentally & Physically.

Children who have poor oral posture and jaws that grow down and back in the face often breath primarily through their mouths. This can lead to sleep disturbances in children. It’s often an invisible problem that presents itself in frustrating ways:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Under achieving in school
  • Poor performance in sports
  • Short attention spans
  • Behavioral problems
  • Bed wetting
  • Digestive issues

…the list goes on.

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We have several treatment options for children.

Our goal is to always recommend treatment. That will help patients to become their best. Not just a better smile, but a better you. I have partnered with colleagues from around the world to learn how to help children achieve proper facial growth. Dr. John Mew pioneered facial growth guidance in the 1950’s. William M. Hang DDS MSD is a pioneer in non-retractive orthodontics for children and adults.

Pediatric Orthotropics ®

A well developed face and jaws that grow forward in the face can positively impact breathing, sleep and overall childhood development. The orthodontic techniques I use can create healthier jaw joints, larger airways & broad smiles that are complete to the corners of the mouth. That often helps children breathe better sleep more soundly and live healthier, happier lives.

Alternative Orthodontics

ALF Orthodontics (Advanced Light Force Functional Appliance):

The ALF system is the most holistic that we offer. The appliance uses gentle forces that are very easy to get used to for people who might be a bit more sensitive to discomfort.


HealthyStart offers a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, pain free approach to opening the airway and straightening teeth without braces.

Crozats Appliance:

The Crozat is smaller than traditional expanders. When patients wear it consistently and as suggested, it can give a nice result with minimal discomfort.


Proper Rest Oral Posture is critical for healthy facial growth and healthy airway development. GoPex Training can help kids achieve better oral posture. GoPex is 100% holistic and helps with posture, function & growth.


We started using Invisalign clear aligners in 1990 and became a Premier Provider in 2016. Invisalign trays are a great way for some patients to achieve a terrific smile!

Damon Braces:

We use the best possible brace system that looks great, most comfortable and helps to reduce length of treatment.

We Want Children To Grow Better

We guide our patients to think and say “let ME make ME better”, a great confidence and willpower booster in challenging times and at all ages.

1-4 years old

How We Prevent Crooked Teeth: We start treatment with a holistic approach to promote nasal breathing, mature swallow, and proper face and body posture. Chronic mouth breathing causes unfiltered and non humidified air to hit the tonsils causing swelling of the tonsils and adenoids.


We review foods and nutrition and go over good oral resting posture exercises. With open mouth posture the face will grow in the wrong direction downward and back leading to crooked teeth, poor airway and unattractive face.

4-6 years old

If we notice the form of the face is not developing ideally, we can start early treatment. Our goal at this stage is to have nickel spacing between all the baby teeth and proper oral resting posture and mature swallow. This will allow good space the permanent teeth to grow and erupt ages.

6-12 years old

Best time for Growth Guidance: Our main goal for kids is to develop proper facial and dental growth, which comes with additional benefits. Proper body posture, proper etiquette at the dinner table, builds manors, voice and diction, discipline and confidence.

  1. The body leads to being able to adapt and be supple
  2. Mind leads to stamina and
  3. Spirit leads to strength

12-19 years old

Braces and Clear Aligners for a better smile: We use the most comfortable, light biological forces for healthy tooth movement. Non-extraction treatment.

The Orthodontic Wellness Center stands apart from other offices in several ways:

Feels Like Family
We want our customers to feel welcome in our office. We encourage all parents/caregivers to accompany the child to the appointment as direct involvement of parents with pediatric patients is the best dynamic for success.
Lifelong Learning
I have years of experience, but I never stop learning. Airway orthodontics and “forwardontics” are my passion, which will be evident at every appointment.
Direct Care
I proudly perform 90% of all direct patient care in my practice – unlike many other offices that delegate most work to dental assistants. This is how I create a long-term bond with my patients, for which I am truly grateful.


You’re one click away from a healthier life for you and your children.

Combat sleep problems, address unexpected childhood behaviors and pair a healthy smile with a healthy body.

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