Health Trends From Campi Dental

As we roll into a New Year we find it the perfect time to announce our Health & Wellness initiative.

This year we’ll be focused on providing our patients with quality information that can improve your overall health. As dental professionals, we primarily focus on the health of your mouth, but we’re expanding our focus areas to ensure that your health initiatives go beyond brushing your teeth.

We will be posting on our blog monthly and social media weekly about different health and wellness topics that will hopefully add value and improve your lifestyle. We look forward to beginning this journey with you and we welcome any feedback and comments along the way.

Let’s start with a New Year and a New You. January  is the perfect time to focus on achieving your healthiest life. Need a little inspiration? Here are a few health and wellness areas to focus on and try in 2019.

Improving Your Sleep
People have been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years. But more recently health experts are increasingly recognizing that sleep supports health in multiple ways, including your weight, blood sugar, immunity, heart health, memory and learning, breast cancer risk, and even lifespan. Both how well you sleep AND how long you sleep are equally important. To maximize the benefit of the time you spend in the sack, be sure to avoid screens and caffeine before bedtime, keep your room dark and at a comfortable temperature (cooler is better), use a source of white noise if you need it, and buy supportive pillows.

Photo of Person Holding Alarm Clock


Plant-Based Diets
Diets come, and diets go. The low-fat craze of the 1990s gave way to low-carb diets in the 2000s. Then came Paleo, followed by the current diet trend, Keto. One piece of nutritional advice that stays pretty constant (no surprise here)  is that fruits and vegetables are good for you. And plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular, whether that means going vegan (i.e. eating no animal products at all), or just making plant-based foods the centerpiece of your diet.

Green Vegetable in White Bowl


Mushrooms are more than a tasty addition to a vegetable stir-fry. These fantastic fungi have been shown to boost the immune system, tamp down inflammation, maintain healthy blood sugar, and help the body adapt to stress. Medicinal mushrooms are increasingly used as ingredients in functional foods. But you can also cook with many of them whole. Most grocery stores carry fresh shiitake mushrooms in the produce section, and many stock dried medicinal mushrooms — such as shiitake, cordyceps, maitake and lion’s mane — in the Asian food aisle.

Selective Focus Photography of Mushroom, Garlic, and Tomato on Chopping Board


Sound Therapy
The old saying that “music hath charms to soothe the savage breast” makes intuitive sense. We all have sounds that relax us, whether it’s birdsong in the morning or water rushing over the stones of a creek. Sound healers claim that when we listen to different frequencies, our brainwaves sync up with them. By changing our brainwaves, they say, we can positively influence our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs are becoming popular as ways to tap into the healing nature of sound.

Woman Wearing Black Sleeveless Dress Holding White Headphone at Daytime


Breathing Clean Air
According to the Global Wellness Summit, over 90 percent of the people on Earth breathe polluted air. It may make sense to invest in an air purifier for your home. But it’s not just the outdoor air you need to be concerned about. According to the EPA, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air! Avoiding the use of insecticides (like ant or roach spray) indoors, choosing non-toxic cleaning products, and filling your home with plants (peace lilies and spider plants are two great choices) can help keep your air clean.

Woman Closing Her Eyes Against Sun Light Standing Near Purple Petaled Flower Plant




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