50 Fun Flavored Water Ideas

As your trusted dental practice, it’s one of our ongoing initiatives to educate our patients, both young and old on the negative effects of sugary drinks. We can’t believe the amount of sugar that gets put into drinks targeted for kids and promoted to appear as healthy. We strongly encourage drinking water both with meals, and throughout the day to stay hydrated. We know that it can be hard sometimes to get excited about water, especially for the older kids, but we’ve compiled a list of 50 combinations of flavored water that can excite even the pickiest drinkers!

But first, let’s take a look at how much sugar is in our everyday drinks.

Amount of sugar in various soft drinks. : r/pics

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I hope we’ve painted a clear enough picture as to why you should stay away from sugary drinks. To try and make your transition from juices, sodas, and energy drinks easier, below you’ll find our list of 50 flavors you can easily create to make your water taste that much better! You’ll notice a big difference in how you feel once you start to transition to drinking only water. Not only will it improve your overall health, but your teeth (which is where we come in) will notice a tremendous difference! We hope you enjoy trying out these new water recipes!

And don’t forget you can make fun combinations of the ingredients. Get creative and combine them so it never gets dull. The possibilities are endless but at the end of our list are some of our favorites.

EASY Fruit Infused Water Recipes - I Heart Naptime

50 Flavored Water Ideas

  1. Watermelon
  2. Cucumber
  3. Lemon
  4. Cantaloupe
  5. Orange
  6. Cherries
  7. Lime
  8. Grapefruit
  9. Basil
  10. Mint
  11. Grapes
  12. Blood orange
  13. Rosemary
  14. Lavender
  15. Strawberries
  16. Blackberries
  17. Raspberries
  18. Pineapple
  19. Kiwi
  20. Papaya
  21. Honeydew melon
  22. Fresh ginger root
  23. Mango
  24. Watermelon and mint
  25. Cucumber and mint
  26. Lemon and mint
  27. Cherry and lime
  28. Watermelon and cucumber
  29. Ginger and lemon
  30. Orange and pineapple
  31. Lemon and lavender
  32. Lime and mint
  33. Cucumber and lime
  34. Lemon and basil
  35. Strawberry and mint
  36. Blackberry and ginger
  37. Lemon and blueberry
  38. Thyme and blackberries
  39. Cucumber and rosemary
  40. Cantaloupe and watermelon
  41. Cucumber, lemon, and mint
  42. Lemon and lime
  43. Strawberry and basil
  44. Cranberry juice and lemon (use a capful of unsweetened cranberry juice)
  45. Ginger and lime
  46. Mint and lime
  47. Strawberries and lime
  48. Orange, lime, and lemon
  49. Lemon and a pinch of cayenne
  50. Papaya and mango


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