2019 Community Involvement

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Nourish You – Mind. Body. Soul

All in the Family Dental Care was honored to create and sponsor Nourish YOU with Mary’s Place by the Sea, aligning their missions of overall health and wellness for an empowering event. Attendees rejuvenated their minds, bodies, and souls through instructional classes including guided meditation, nutrition education, and Soul Collage®. These group sessions were rounded out by a plant-based lunch and a “fireside chat” with Executive Coach Jeanie Coomber, Event Sponsor Karen Campi from All in the Family Dental Care, and co-founders of Mary’s Place by the Sea Michele Gannon and Maria McKeon.

All in the Family Dental Care created and sponsored this special day to share their knowledge acquired through decades of serving the community. “We are passionate about overall health and wellness and there are many things you can do to nourish your mind, body, and soul. We are proud to shed light on the importance of self-care, positive daily habits, and nutrition so that you can feel confident of being the best version of yourself,” said Karen Campi. 

President and Co-Founder of Mary’s Place by the Sea Michele Gannon shared “Over the past ten years of offering 9,000 women with cancer the opportunity to hit the pause button and process their dis-ease, we have found that 80% of what they talk about is what happened before their diagnosis: the grief, trauma, and hardship. We are realizing that there is a great need for women of every age and in every stage of life to be practicing self-care right NOW. We were thrilled to welcome these women into our home to help them quiet the noise, empty some of their emotional baggage and just breathe. We are grateful to All in the Family Dental Care for sponsoring this event!”

In a note to the event organizers, one attendee wrote: “I can’t thank you enough for planning the Nourish YOU event. I don’t know where to begin and maybe have still not realized the full impact that those few hours had on my life. I went back to work yesterday relaxed and with quite a different perspective on life. Thank you for including me in such an amazing experience.”

“Coming together as a community of like-minded women for the day and practicing self-care has been nothing short of a blessing,” said Cheryl Campi.

Supporting Mary’s Place by the Sea – a place for women with cancer to heal: mind, body and soulProceeds from this event benefit Mary’s Place by the Sea, a respite home for women with cancer. To learn more about Mary’s Place by the Sea, visit www.marysplacebythesea.org.

Soul Stories created a video that captured the connections and emotion felt during Nourish YOU

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We wanted to say a special thank you to Mary’s Place by the Sea for hosting this amazing event, and to Kathy & the kitchen staff for the delicious food! Below you can click to view a full list of recipes from the day.

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Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month

Many young parents know the importance of bringing your children in for routine dental cleanings and exams. Although most parents don’t understand the importance of those check-ups and the role they plan in their child’s overall health and life. February is Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month, and we’re doing our best to educate our patients and the community on the importance of oral health from a young age. Our doctors have been connecting with kids in the classrooms, in the community, and in the office to help educate and try to make it exciting for kids to brush, floss, and take the best care of their teeth possible.